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Lead Acid Solar Batteries Deep Cycle 12v 90AH

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Lead Acid Solar Batteries Deep Cycle 12v 90AH
Lead Acid solar batteries deep cycle 12v 90AH
Detail Specifications of 12v 90ah lead acid battery:
* Model: NP90-12 12V lead acid battery
* Nominal Voltage: 12V lead acid battery
* Rated Capacity: 90Ah(20Hr)
* Dimension: 331(L)*175(W)*216(H)mm
* Approx Weight: 29KG/pcs 12V lead acid battery
* Packing Detail: 1pcs/CTN 12V lead acid battery
* Loading Quantities: 20’FT=600PCS
Technique Specifications of 12v 90ah :


Nominal Voltage 12V
Rated capacity(20 hour rate) 90AH
Dimensions Length 331±1mm(13.03 inches)
Width 175±1mm(6.89inches)
Height 216±1mm(8.50inches)
Total Height 220±1mm(8.66 inches)
Weight Approx 29Kg(67.34lbs)


Capacity 25°C 10 hour rate(10.00A, 10.80V) 90.00AH
5 hour rate(16.00A, 10.50V) 80.00AH
1 hour rate(60.00A, 9.60V) 60.00AH
Internal Resistance Full charged Battery
at 25 °C (77°F)
Capacity affected by temperature
(20 hour rate)
40°C(104°F) 102%
25°C(77°F) 100%
0°C(32°F) 85%
-15°C(5°F) 65%
at 25°C(77°F)
Capacity after 3 month storage 91%
Capacity after 6 month storage 82%
Capacity after 12 month storage 64%
(constant voltage)
Cycle Initial Charging Currentless than 30.00A   Voltage14.40-15.00 V
Float Voltage 13.50-13.80V
Terminal T10


Main Features 12v 90ah battery

1:Maintenance free

2:High power to weight ratio

3:No memory effect

4:Sealed construction and leak proof

5:High discharge rate

6:Wide operation temperature range

7:Deep discharging recovery

8:Low self discharge and longer service life span.

9:Safety valve regulated system

10:CE certificate

Applications of 12v 90ah battery:

1:Electric power system

2:Emergency lighting and car and ship starting system

3:Power transmission and transformer station, switch control

4:Computers and uninterrupted power source (UPS)

5:Telephone and telecommunication equipment

6:Electronic appliance and other backup power supply

7:Fire fighting, safety device and alarm monitoring

8:Aviation, spaceflight and power storage

Type :12v lead acid battery :
1.Standard:JIS/DIN Standard car battery
2.Material : high quality lead-stibonium alloy , AGM separator , pure sulphuric acid
add special Additive.
3. Super starting power and long life.
4.Warranty : 12 months
5.Applications:starting battery for cars,buses,and other vehivles.
6.Delivery:within 15 days after receiving deposit.
7.Packing:540pcs/cartons, with or without pallet.
8.OEM: customer’s brands & packaging design/dimension for free
Our advantages of 12v 90ah lead acid battery :
1.Competitive prices with reliable quality.
2.Adopting high quality ABS plastic for battery case, stronger and heatproof.
3.Plates made of high purity lead 99.994-99.996% dry charged battery
4.High quality AGM separator, pure acid.


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