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12v 65ah deep cycle battery Manufucturer In China

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12v 65ah deep cycle battery Manufucturer In China
Categories 12V Battery
Brand Matrix Lead acid battery
Model NP65-12
Battery brand Matrix
Cover ABS
Safety valve Rubber
FOB port shenzhen
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VRLA Battery

  • completely sealed and maintenance-free, low self-discharge
  • 100% precise quality testing, stable quality and high reliable performance
  • Unique grid alloy formula and updated manufacturing technique
  • Floating & standby use:up to 5 years
  • Cycle use 1: More than 280 cycles at 100% DOD
  • Cycle use 2: More than 1400 cycles at 30% DOD


  •  Telecommunications
  • DC Power Supply
  • Solar system
  • Wind Power System
  • Auto Control System


  • Component ……Raw material
  • Positive ……..Lead dioxide
  • Negative ……..Lead
  • Container ……..ABS
  • Cover ……..ABS
  • Sealant ……..Epoxy
  • Safety valve ….Rubber
  •  Terminal ……..Copper/Pb
  • Separator ……..Fiber glass
  • Electrolyte …….Sulfuric acid


Battery Model NP 65-12  12V65AH
Designer Floating Life Up to 5 Years
Capacity  (25℃) 20HR(3.38A,10.5V) 10HR(6.5A,10.8V) 5HR(11.05A,10.8V) 1HR(39A,10.5V)
67.60AH 65.0AH 55.25AH 39AH
Dimensions Length Width Height Total Height
350mm (13.78inch) 167mm (6.57inch) 174mm (6.85inch) 174mm (6.85inch)
Approx. Weight 20.5Kg (45.2 lbs)±5%
Internal Resistance Full charged at 25℃:≤6.0mΩ
Self Discharge 2% of capacity declined per month at (25℃)
Capacity Affected

by Temp.(20HR)

40℃ 25℃ 0℃ -15℃
102% 100% 85% 65%
Charge Voltage(25℃) Cycle use Float use
14.40-15.00V(-30mV/℃), max. Current:16.2A 13.50-13.80V (-20mV/℃)


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