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9 easy steps to double lead-acid battery’s lifespan.

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9 easy steps to double lead-acid battery’s lifespan.

1.   If battery is completely discharged, charge the battery for at least 30 minutes

2.   Open all battery´s cells in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

3.   Make sure the volume of electrolyte (in all battery´s cells) covers at least the electrode plates; if necessary, add distilled water while leaving sufficient space for PowerBatt to be applied.

4.   Pour 60ml per each cell per each 100Ah of PowerBatt Prevent into each cell according to the maximum manufactured capacity for an electrolyte. If this is not possible due to a high level of electrolyte, add as much PowerBatt as possible to reach the maximum level of electrolyte indicated on the cell (never above the maximum level) and rest of the calculated volume at later stage (usually couple of weeks later), when the volume decreases due to electrolyte evaporation.

5.   Apply PowerBatt slowly, in order to prevent the battery from a sudden chemical overreaction. It is recommended to apply the quantity of PowerBatt in 3-4 instances with 20 minutes in between (In hot climate wait at least 30 minutes). Continuously observe the temperature of the electrolyte, do not add PowerBatt if the temperature of cells rises above 40 degrees Celsius.

6.   Wait for 60 minutes, or until the reaction terminates (bubbles are no longer formed violently and the cell temperature begins to decrease).

7.   Add back the central distilled water distribution system according to the manufacturer instructions.

8.   Use standard charger to charge battery fully and then place battery back into operation. 

9.   Repeat the procedure every 12 months.


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